Heat Exchanger


tubo punzonato icona


Manifold Punching Machine 

The manifold punching machine for aluminum tubes has been designed specifically to punch slots with high precision for MPE to guarantee the perfect condictiones for the brazing process.

The punchers are specially designed to create slots for MPE according to the needs and dimensions required by the customer.

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Trancia barrette


Cut-To-Length Bars from Bobine

Our fully automatic Line of straightening and cutting Bars from Bobine.

The feeding speed and the length of the bars are defined directly by the user according to his needs.

The bars are automatically downloaded into the collection box after their dry cutting (or alcohol MQL)

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Banchi di assemblaggio

Manual Core Assembly

Manual Core Assembly, specially designed to simplify the assembly of heat exchangers components.

On the workbench there is a pattern of calibrated holes to insert the appropriate support teams on the base of the heat exchanger. This makes the Manual Core assembly extremely flexible for any different sizes of heat exchangers.

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Macchina impila alette


Stacking Fins Machine

This machine collects and stacks vertically metal sheets already machined on its tray.

It is usually installed at the exit of the shaping dies of the metal sheets, to do not stop production and to make the working cycle more fluid and productive as possible.

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Automatic Aluminum Profile Sawing Machine

Automatic aluminum profile sawing machine is develop to be able to cut bars of various shapes and sizes with very accuracy and no burr.

All parameters, such as blade rotation speed, feed rate, length of the workpiece cutting, lubrication time, number of bars and much more, can be defined and modified by touch screen.

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Semi Auromatic Single Layer Heat exchanger Core Builder

This press is a machine designed to compact assembling components of the heat exchangers to facilitate their strapping.
The press force is conferred hydraulically.

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Spray Paint Flux Machine

This coating and drying oven has been designed with the goal of varnish and dry pieces of smooth sheet metal or boxed.

The pieces are loaded on the appropriate load floor where they are, automatically, transferred to the station for coloring and transported in the oven to dry.

The dry pieces are transported on the exit plane to be able to be downloaded by the operator.

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bubble test double tank

Bubble test Tandem Tank

It 'a double tank design for the visual control and to identify the possible leaking area of the heat exchangers.

The tank is equipped with two independent tanks. They are divided by an electronic movable wall. Two separate pneumatic systems allow to carry out tests at different times and conditions.

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 Semi automatic Heat Exchangers Core Builder

 This press is a machine designed to compact assembling components of the heat exchangers to facilitate  their strapping.  The  press force is conferred hydraulically. The movements are controlled by an optical line  through which are set the  reference  dimensions during compression.

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